Welcome to Your Physiotherapy Clinic

Saddleridge Physio can help you to restore your ability and function of your body with help of physiotherapy. Our experts will assess, diagnose and treat the issues or symptoms caused by an injury or illness.

Saddleridge Physiotherapy Clinic, located near c train station, Saddletowne offering their services for past 20 years. We effectively utilized the Physiotherapy method to treat aches and pains in the whole body, from the top to bottom of the body.

Physiotherapy has been long considered to be one of the best methods of treating the physical conditions of the body with the help of physical means such as heat, water, cold, air, touch and other forms as well. Physiotherapy would strictly mean that there will be no use of surgery and medicine.

Learning About Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation for the patients, who have just had a surgery or are just looking for a physical therapy, is an option at the Saddleridge Physiotherapy Clinic. It is in here that they will get treated with the best of methods that are all natural and don’t require any form of medicine or surgery.

The Physiotherapists are able to access the body, diagnose the problems, and offer an effective plan of treatment for the problem. Apart from that, there are many different forms of Physiotherapy treatments which are used by the professional team of physiotherapists at the Clinic. Once you find yourself there, you can be assured that the next time you come home, you will be all cured of your pain and problems.

How It Works At Saddleridge Physiotherapy Clinic

When it comes to proper treatments of physiotherapy, you can put your faith of Saddleridge Physiotherapy Clinic as it is one of the best ones in the Calgary for providing reliable and effective physiotherapeutic treatments to the patients that are in the need for it. The treatment methods of physiotherapy that are used here are some of the best in restoring the function and ability in your body.

Several different issues and chronic illnesses are treated at this clinic by advanced methods of physiotherapy and physical therapy conditions.

The Physiotherapy treatments that are provided at the clinic for these accidents and injuries:

  • Relief from the injuries that happen due to the accidents with motor vehicles
  • Sports injuries that are caused such as ligament tear and other injuries
  • Strains and sprains that happen in the pelvic region
  • Arthritis, Vertigo, and Tendonitis
  • Post operation surgeries
  • Pain in the lower back and medical headaches
  • Injuries after a fracture

The process of treating the patient having physical injuries with the help of physiotherapy is really detailed and effective as well. The professionals there will start by taking the history of your pain and will find the problems that could exist in your body. After a thorough physical examination, the problem is diagnosed and treated with elaborate methods, physical therapy sessions and treatment options.

The main goal of this particular clinic is to offer a detailed and complete diagnosis of any physical problem, improve the physical health of a patient, and provide as much education as possible about the importance of physiotherapy and physical therapy methods.

Make an appointment today at the Saddleridge Physiotherapy Clinic and get yourself a consultation right now from some of the experienced physiotherapists here at the Clinic.